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Every single house has a kitchen, and we use the kitchen more than once a day. When making your first coffee in the morning, prepping lunch for the kids, whipping up a snack in the afternoon, or cooking your signature dish for dinner, the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in every house. And of course, we’d want our kitchen to look as beautiful as possible, so there’d never be a dull moment to make meals!

As time goes on, you might notice that your kitchen gets worn down as time goes one. Maybe the tiles aren’t as white anymore, or the counter may have stains that are almost impossible to remove, and the cupboards are always squeaking. When that happens, then you need a kitchen remodel service to transform your kitchen back to its former glory!

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, St. Louis Kitchen Remodel Co. is the company to call! We are a company that’s dedicated to turning your dream kitchen into a reality. With just a simple phone call, our team of experts would be at your doorstep, ready to help you plan and remodel your kitchen.

“Out with the old and in with the new.” That’s one of the mottos our company lives by. We want to give each and every one of our clients an opportunity to transform their kitchen in the way that they want it, but also without having to spend too much cash and causing safety hazards. As part of our kitchen remodel St. Louis company, we offer the following services for your kitchen:

The most important part in the early stages of kitchen remodeling is the design you want for your kitchen. It’s up to you to select the theme you want, the color scheme, and the final output you’d want to see. Then it’s up to our team to make a 3D model for that design and render it so that you could better visualize how it would look like when it’s done.

Cabinet and Countertop Replacements / Refacing

Cabinets and cupboards are just as important as the fridge and stove in a kitchen. It is where you store everything, from dishes to spices, and even your pots and pans! Sometimes, your cabinets may not look too old yet, and it would be a waste to replace it all immediately. Instead, we also offer cabinet refacing, which basically means that we’d only repaint a new design or finishing on your cabinets. This process also takes less time, yet your kitchen would still look brand new.

Kitchen Lighting

Have you ever experienced cooking in a poorly lit kitchen? If so, then you know how dreadful it feels, and not to mention dangerous! When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we also take into consideration the amount of lighting in any area. Of course, we want to chop our ingredients with adequate light, but also not too bright to cause discomfort. Different light bulbs also have different brightness, and the lighting color would also have an impact on the overall theme of your kitchen, so we should choose carefully!

Floor and Tile Installation

The flooring may be one of the most tedious tasks in kitchen remodeling, but it is also very important. Whether you want tiles or hardwood flooring, we want to make sure that the floor is safe, especially if we’re always in the kitchen. Plus, we will also help you select a flooring that requires little maintenance for convenience.

Wall and Cabinet Painting

If you’ve already chosen a flooring for your kitchen, then the next one is selecting the best color to paint your walls and cabinets with. Depending on the color scheme you want, we will help you find the right shade that would complement the rest of your kitchen.

Sink Installation and Plumbing

Nothing is more satisfying than a fully functioning sink with great water pressure and unclogged drains. This is why we also make plumbing a priority, and we must consider the placement of the sinks in order to maximize your kitchen space.


As technology continues to progress every year, so must our kitchen. This means that the electrical wiring in our kitchen must be able to support the current from all your appliances, even when everything is turned on at the same time! That way, we can avoid any accidents caused by overload or faulty wiring, and we can use the kitchen safely.

Proudly Partnered with Integrity Restoration

Not only with kitchens, but our company also offers services for bath remodeling. If your bathroom is in need of new tiles or cabinets, or perhaps you want some better plumbing for your bathroom, then call away! As part of our bath remodel St. Louis company, we offer the following services for your bathroom:

Bathroom Design

Similar to kitchen remodeling, our team of experts would help you design a model for your ideal bathroom. This includes 3D design, so that you can already see what your bathroom would look like afterwards. The rendering we apply will also give you a general idea on what kind of output to expect.

Wall Painting and Tile Installation

The bathroom’s look is very unique, and that is due to the different wall and tile patterns that can only be found in bathrooms. With our company, we will help you select the best tiles for your bathroom, as well as professionally install them afterwards. We offer a wide variety of tiles for you to choose from, so we guarantee you that you will be able to find one that will suit your bathroom.

Shower, Bathtub, and Sink Installation

The shower, toilets, and sinks are the most important parts of the bathroom. Because of that, we always prioritize these appliances when remodeling your bathroom. This includes proper plumbing for great water pressure, as well as safe and efficient installment. Afterwards, we would even give you maintenance tips on how to make sure your tubs and sinks remain bright and clean!

Bathroom Lighting and Electrical

After plumbing, another important step in bath remodeling is installing a proper lighting and electrical system. That way, we can enforce electrical safety and avoid unwanted accidents due to faulty wiring. Plus, it will be more relaxing to have a nice long bath with dim lights, isn’t it?

Overall, our company is the bath and kitchen remodeler that you’re looking for! With all the services we offer to improve your kitchen and bathroom, you only need to give us a call to get things started. Be sure to check our website at for more info!

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